How Far Away Are All the Planets the Sun?


The distance of each planet from the sun varies from each other. Mercury is 58 kilometres away, Venus is 108 kilometres away while the earth is 150 kilometres away from the sun. Mars is 228 kilometres away from the sun while Jupiter is 778 kilometres away and Saturn is 1430 kilometres away from the sun. Uranus is 2870 kilometres away from the sun, while Neptune and Pluto are 4,500 kilometres and 5,910 kilometres away from the sun, respectively.
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Average distances are; Mercury, 57,909,175km. Venus, 108,208,930km. Earth, 149,597,890km. Mars, 227,936,640km. Jupiter, 778,412,010km. Saturn, 1,426,725,400km. Uranus, 2,870,972,200km
Planets orbit the Sun in an elliptical orbit so sometimes it is closer to the Sun than others. The average distance from the Sun for each planet has been calculated. Mercury is an
I do not know the exact distances, but I have a memory trick that might help you. Earth is approximately 93 million miles. The next planet in (Venus) is about half that (45 mil),
The object, unofficially named "Sedna, is 13 billion kilometers (8
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