How Far Away Do You Need to Be from a Computer Screen?


Your eyes should be 1.5 to 2 feet away from the computer monitor. To avoid eye strain, ensure that you position your screen correctly and use a suitable lighting. You should also exercise your eyes by alternating your focus between something close up and something far away.
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As long as you are not right in front of the computer screen you should be fine. But train your self to keep blinking, because you're eyes dry out and itch, and become blurry.
Big-screen TV placed for optimal viewing. When watching high-definition programs, viewers should sit approximately 4 feet from a 32-inch TV, and approximately 11 feet from a 60-inch
I truly believe that it's a matter of comfort. If you are sitting at your computer without eyeglasses and you feel no eyestrain or discomfort, then by all means enjoy the fact that
Suggested for a 50 in TV, the minimum viewing
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