How Far Can a BB Gun Shoot?


A typical BB gun doesn't shoot very far. The average distance the BB guns will shoot is 280 feet. However, the air BB guns will shoot much farther. The BB air guns can shoot as far as 550 feet. The speed of these air gun BB's are extremely fast and have been clocked at over 600 miles per hour. Those that go extremely fast are not the norm, but can be cause damage to a person or animal of shot with one. Always use safety precautions when firing any type of BB gun.
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1. Find a good location for shooting. There are often areas that are designated specifically as shooting ranges, and whether you are shooting a bb gun or a normal firearm, these are
There are several types of BB guns. Can you please let us know the model and perhaps
Impossible to answer without knowing the weight of the pellet and caliber.
1. Lie on your stomach. 2. Spreed your feet out and lay your feet flat on the ground. 3. Keep your elbows straight under your gun. 4. Put on fire and enjoy. 1. Stand up with your
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