How Far Can a Bullet Travel Underwater?


It depends on the caliber of the bullets and the gun was fired from as to how fast and how far a bullet can travel underwater. It also depends on the geometry of the bullets. Bullets with higher hydrodynamics will go longer distances.
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There are projectile weapons especially developed to be used underwater, but even they do not have a range of over 50 meters (about 164 feet) and that is because the bullets are more
A bullet that is coming from a 9mm gun can travel up to 2300 meter before it actually falls or hits something. It also depends on if you are shooting it straight or aiming it at someone
Normally the bullet can travel over 5,000 ys. Water would reduce
If light, or rather the photons that construct light, existed in a vacuum, they would travel forever in any given direction. In reality, a beam of light experiences multiple disturbances
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The distance a bullet can travel depends upon the gun architecture. A bullet fired from a Mosin Nagant M44 can travel about five miles. The bullet type and the ...
A 45 Caliber bullet will travel about three-hundred and sixty feet. There are however unsafe ways that one can do so that the bullet travels much further than ...
A bullet from a 9mm pistol generally has the range of 2500yds, but rarely travels that far because before it can it generaly hits something. So in other words ...
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