How Far Can a Llama Spit?


The llama can spit for quite a distance. It has an aim that is usually spot on ranging ten to fifteen feet away. These spits are usually pretty effective in warding off others.
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About 45 feet.
Llamas, like most members of the camelid family, sometimes spit saliva. This behavior may be done to show dominance towards other herd members, for fighting, or for defense.
A Llama can spit nearly eleven feet as long as it's not against the wind! Stand back! Txt
A llama can spit accurately for 5-6 feet. They generally only spit when provoked. Usual reason is to settle argument over food. Spit is chewed up grass.
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Llamas do spit only at other llamas and over their food. They will eat grass, grain and chew cud just like the camels, cows and goats do. However, they are not ...
Llamas spit as a way of disciplining young or low ranked llamas in the herd or when they are angry or irritated. Female llamas spit so as to maintain order among ...
A baby llama is known as a cria and weighs between 15 and 40 pounds at birth. Too bad their mother's never taught them manners to keep them from spitting at people ...
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