How Far Can a Skunk Spray?


Skunks are sometimes known as polecats. They are known for their skunk sprays used to defend themselves from enemies such as bears which hunt them. They can spray up to ten feet.
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The article below has some incorrect facts - Skunks are not in the weasel family. Skunks are in the family. Mephitidae. (skunks and stink badgers) of the order Carnivora Suborder:
Skunks are perhaps most commonly known for the foul-smelling spray that they eject when they feel threatened or frightened. They are common across North America and the smell from
Depending on the wind, you could smell it up to a mile away. Maybe even more than that, but i'm no expert.
1. Do. not. run water over your dog. This only increases the stink, and if the dog has dry, or cracked skin, the spray can get into his or her skin, and cause burning. This also can
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Skunks can spray an average of 10 to 15 feet. Skunks can weigh anywhere from 1. 1 pounds all the way up to 18 pounds. They are cute little things but can carry rabies.
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Skunk spray is produced from a nauseating smelling liquid that is made and stored in two glads on either side of the animal's anus. A simple muscle contraction ...
There are several animals that use smell as a way of warding off danger, or marking a territory. When threatened the Opossum emits an odor to fein death, the male ...
Yes baby skunks can spray. Baby skunks are born with the gland that is ready to be used when they are born. Spraying is actually an instinctive and not learned ...
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