How Far Can Fleas Jump?


Fleas can jump as far as 13 inches and when you consider their size that is a major accomplishment. Their jumping is one of the reasons why it is so hard to keep your pets and home flea free.
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Fleas can jump pretty far, to be so little. They can jump up to 13 inches in length, about 200 times the size of their body. They will jump from host to host in order to find food. You can find more information here:
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Fleas can jump quite far, up to 3 feet away from their starting point. This is because a flea's legs allow it to jump distances hundreds of times their own size.
A_flea_can_jump_up_to_200_times_higher_than_the_height_of_its_body. " A flea can jump up to 200 times higher than the height of its body. Around 200 times their own body length
Fleas have been known to make leaps up to 13 inches, about 200 times the length of their own
The jumping power of fleas comes both from strong leg muscles and from pads of a rubber-like protein called resilin. The resilin is located above the flea's hind legs. To jump, the
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A flea can jump seven inches up into the air. The flea can jump up to thirteen inches horizontally as well. ...
Fleas can jump and they are known to jump even seven or eight inches up in the air. They are also known to store the energy needed to catapult themselves into ...
Fleas are capable of jumping up to eight inches up in the air. Fleas do not eat only when they are hungry but will often continue to do so until when they can ...
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