How far can lightning travel?


Lightening can travel 25 miles or further. It is wise to stay inside during a thunderstorm or in a car. You should also stay away from windows and doors.
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Should lightning strike a body of water, How far will theelectricity travel in the water? Will the of the strength electricity dissipate with distance?
The speed of light is about 183,000 miles per second, or just under 300,000 kilometers per second. Radio transmissions, which travel at the speed of light, can go from the earth to
A hockey puck can travel a far as any object if thrown with enough force! It is solid rubber so it can withstand tremendous force. More pertinent to the game of hockey, the rink is
That depends on so many factors it would be hard to list, bullet type, angle, high velocity, etc etc. The important to understand about a 22 is they can travel a mile or more. Most
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There is no set distance that lightening can travel in water. When lightening strikes, it is looking for a ground. Because of this, it can travel through water ...
How last lightning can travel depends upon air conditions. The average lightning bolt moves at about 224,000 miles per hour or 3,700 miles per second. You can ...
The leader of a bolt of lightning can travel at speeds of up to 60,000 meters per second, which is equal to 130,000 miles per hour. The temperature reached by ...
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