How Far Do Cats Roam?


Cats have been known to roam as much as five acres around their home. A study done by researchers for the Journal of Wildlife Management showed that house cats were much less active than house cats, and when they wandered they did not travel at all at night and didn't go far during the day. Unspayed and unneutered cats wander farther away that those that have been spayed or neutered.
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well i live in the country and i have over 32 cats and the farthest my cats have ever roamed is: when they are hunting they usually don't go far past your property, when they are
Cats are said to kill hundreds of millions (not a typo) of songbirds every year. I have never seen a number cited for rodents and other small
Un-neutered male cats can roam miles away from home. A neutered cat will not
As far as he wants to go and considers his "territory" I live in the country and was surprised to hear that my neighbour - quite far away, sees our cat every day! Unusually
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