How Far Do You Haft to behind in Child Support to Lose Your License?


To loose your license for not paying child support, usually you will have to be at least 2 months behind, but this varies from case to case. In the State of Michigan, you will be given a chance to explain why you haven't paid when you attend a 'Show Cause Hearing.' They will inform you at the hearing how close you are to loosing your license, going to jail, etc. If I had to guess in average, if you hadn't paid, shown up to any court dates, got a warrant for your arrest for failure to appear, then they will probably suspend your license.
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Arkansas require that the delinquent parent be at
It depends on the reason for the arrearage. If the person is working and not paying support, it takes about 3 to 6 months for license suspension. Longer to be arrested.
There is no specific number, sometimes the clerks go after certain persons and not others. If you are in arrears then you are subject to losing your license.
Depends. Sometimes the clerk acts quicker on some files over others. It is in your interests to pay the support per the terms of the order.
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