How far does a cannon shoot?


According to Army Technology, the M777 Howitzer, the standard cannon deployed by American ground forces, has a range of 15.3 miles with standard shells and 24.8 miles with rocket-assisted ammunition. American naval guns reach up to 25 miles as well.

A cannon consists of a strong steel tube that is sealed on one end. Gunpowder is loaded into the sealed end of the tube and a projectile, usually a cannon ball or an artillery shell, is loaded into the other end. When the gunpowder is lit, the ensuing explosion creates a force that pushes the projectile out of the tube at a very high speed, propelling the projectile for miles.

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There's no such thing as an "average" cannon. But looking at US howitzers: 105mm howitzer: 11,600m. 155mm howitzer: 18,000m. 175mm gun: 34,000m. 203mm howitzer: 16,800m.
The size of the cannon determines the range of the shot. The average cannon found in El Morro 200 years ago could shoot a cannon ball a mile covering all of the areas between the
Preparation Preparing the cannon for firing started with placing a cartridge of black powder, which is gunpowder, made from paper, flannel or wool. How much powder was used varied
Big Bertha (howitzer) had an effective range of 7.7 miles. Thanks f...
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