How Far Have We Drilled into the Earth?


In 2012, a new record was set off the coast of Japan where scientists drilled more than 2,111 meters in the earth to obtain rock samples. Scientists used a vessel named Chikyu which has been specially designed to drill down to 10,000 meters below sea level. Prior to the record set near Japan, the former record had been set near the Costa Rica Rift.
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We have so far drilled just 7.5 miles into the Earth's rocky crust,...
The deepest man-drilled hole was the Kola Hole in Russia @ 12.3km. The Earths crust is 30-50km thick.
The deepest manmade hole in the Earth is the Kola superdeep borehole. It went 7.5 miles deep. See the related link for more information.
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