How Far Is 700 Meters?


The average walking speed for a human being travelling at a normal pace is approximately 1.39 metres per second. Therefore, it will take you roughly 9 minutes to complete a distance of 700 meters. In addition, 700 metres is equal to about 0.43 miles.
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You could think of it as approximately 7 football fields. Or 7/10ths of a kilometer. Or about how far you could walk in 8 and a half minutes.
If you are running the 800 meters or the half mile, then you will be running two times around the athletic track. The distance for 800 meters is 0.497 miles or 874.89 yards. You can
Since Americans do not use the metric system I converted to miles. 700 meters is
That would be 2 metres.
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700 meters equals 2,296.588 feet.
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