How far is a click in military terms?


A click, or "klick" to use the spelling generally utilized in the U.S. military, is equal to a distance of 1 kilometer, or .062 miles. According to U.S. Military, this term came into widespread use during the Vietnam War.

When sighting in a weapon, the term "click" is used to indicate one minute of arc. In this sense, a click is equal to 1 inch of distance at a range of 100 yards. In this usage, the term "click" has a clearly onomatopoetic derivation, as the sight adjustment knobs of a weapon make a clicking noise as they are turned.

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A "klick" means a distance of 1000 meters (one kilometer, or .62 miles). 10
In military terms, a "klick" means a distance of 1000 meters (one kilometer, or .62 miles).
One kilometer.
A klick is a slang term for kilometre, so 10 klicks is equal to 10 kilometres.
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