How Far Is It from London to Bournemouth?


Bournemouth is approximately 138 kilometres from London. The distance takes an average of two hours if travelled by car or one hour if one travels by a train without any stops. it would take you approximately 42 minutes to travel the distance by plane, including the ascent and descent time.
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The distance from London to Bournemouth, as the crow flies, is 94 miles. Via road the distance is 108 miles. A vehicle journey would take 2 hours, 7 mins
about 30 miles.
Northern Line (underground) from Edgware to Waterloo. 40mins. Trains run half hourly from Waterloo Station to Bournemouth, journey time about two hours. Easiest way to get train travel
4,896.88 kilometres (3,042.79 miles).
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The distance from London to Bournemouth is approximately 138 Kilometres. If you are travelling by road, the estimated driving distance would be 168.8 Kilometres. It will take you much less time to get to London from Bournemouth if you travel by air or by train.
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