How Far Is It from Sharjah to Dubai?


Sharjah city is fifteen minutes away from Dubai if you are driving. You could get to Sharjah by minibus or a taxi but there are no minibuses on the return route so a taxi is recommended.
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7,602.26 kilometres (4,723.84 miles)
lets say if you are coming by bus from sharjah main bus station to Daira(25minute) to Bur dubai(35 minute)cheers.
The total distance from New York, NY to Dubai, United Arab Emirates is 6,850
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The approximate distance from Sharjah to Dubai is 54.71 Kilometeres or 34 miles. Sharjah is just next to Dubai and is generally its suburb. It's a non stop city and can take you about one hour from Dubai on road.
The distance between Sharjah , Ash Shariqah to Dubai, Dubayy is approximately 11 miles. Form Sharjah you need to travel south west on a bearing of 217 to get to Dubai.
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