How Far Is It from the US East Coast to the US West Coast?


To get from the U.S. east coast, to the U.S. west coast, you would have to travel, almost 3,000 miles. For example, from Virginia Beach, VA, to San Francisco, CA, is a total of 2,983 miles.
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The continental divide.
From Delaware to to California it is 2,875 miles which
The East coast refers to the states and cities within those states that are along the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. from Maine all the way down to Florida. States included are: Maine
All of these are in California. Esalen workshops: The Mesa Refuge: or Writers workshops such as the Squaw Valley
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3,147 miles. ...
Yes it is earlier on the west coast than on the east coast. Pacific time is 3 hours behind eastern time so when it is midnight in Massachusetts it will still be ...
The airlines that fly form the east coast of America to the west coast are: Jet Blue, and East West Airlines. Typically these days flying across country can be ...
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