How Far Is Madrid from Barcelona?


The flight distance to Barcelona is 505 kilometres or 314 miles from Madrid, while the driving distance from Barcelona to Madrid is roughly 600 kilometres (373 miles), which takes about 6 hours or more, depending with the traffic.
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Barcelona is the capital and the most populous city of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain. The distance from Barcelona to Spain is approximately 618 Km. It is a 6 hours drive if you use the A-2 and AP-2 route.
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By car, approximately 600 km - about 6 hours
Madrid is 313.58 miles from Barcelona (504.64 kilometers). Thanks for using
The distance is 300 air miles. The flight take 1 hour 10 mins. My guess bt train is - 8 hours.
1. Book tickets from Barcelona to Madrid on the RENFE Web site (see Resources below) 2. Scan the timetables for routes that travel directly from Barcelona to the Atocha train station
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The distance from Madrid to Barcelona is 618 kilometer or it is a 6 hours and 10 minutes travel by car. Or ride the AVE train from Madrid with Û117.60 for ...
By car, approximately 600 km - about 6 hours ...
By car, approximately 600 km - about 6 hours ...
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