How far is Mars from the sun?


On average, Mars is 227,936,640 kilometers from the sun, or 1.5237 astronomical units. Its closest point to the sun, or perihelion, is 205 million kilometers, or 127 million miles (1.38 AU) according to Its farthest point, or aphelion, is 249 million kilometers, or 155 million miles (1.66 AU).

Mars has an elliptical and eccentric orbit. It takes 687 Earth days to complete one year on Mars. This means Mars' orbit period equals 1.881 Earth years.

Phobos and Deimus are the names of the two moons surrounding Mars. The names of these moons represent "fear" and "dread" in Greek mythology, as the sons of the god of war, Ares, or the Roman god, Mars.

Mars was discovered in 1877. With its reddish color, it can easily be recognized with the naked eye in the night sky.

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