How Far Is Orlando from Fort Lauderdale?


To drive from Orlando, Fl to Fort Lauderdale, Fl is 213 miles or 343 km. It is approximately a 3 hour drive at 70 mph, however, flight time is only 22 minutes.
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Of course it depends how fast you are driving and if you stop but around 3.5 to 4 hours from Fort Lauderdale on the turnpike to Orlando.
From fort lauderdale to orlando is 181.7 miles. Src:
The total travel time to Ft. Lauderdale from Miami is 36 minutes in regular traffic. Ft. Lauderdale is 27.94 miles from Miami. Both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale are popular tourist spots
It's about a 3 hour ride, but if you opt to fly, check out Spirit Airlines. Some fares are as low as $9. I recently took a trip on spirit airlines and paid $9 for a round trip ticket
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Fort Lauderdale is a city in the United States state of Florida, located along the Atlantic coast, same as Orlando. The distance from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando ...
The driving distance between Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport is a distance of approximately 27 miles. ...
The distance from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale is about 211.70 miles. This distance is only an estimated air distance. The travel times and distance may vary with ...
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