How Far Is Outer Space?


The answer to the question how far is outer space is a very complex one, depending on where you are measuring from and to. More simply, outer space begins just outside our atmosphere at about 60 miles up, to the edge of the universe, which is as of yet unknown.
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If you are referring to where the Earth's gravity is no longer dominant, then you are talking about 13 million miles from your house. Yeah, that's a lot of rocket fuel. If you're
That depends on where in "outer space" you want to go. Pluto is a about 3 1/2 billion miles
Outer space is defined as from outside the atmosphere (a sub-orbital flight of around 60 miles altitude) to the edge of the universe (unknown, but thought to be larger than the 13.7
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Depending on which part of outer space you refer to as being outer space, is tarts at the Karman line. This is the line that separates the atmosphere from space. It is about 100 km or 62 miles. You can find more information here:
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