How Far Is Reading from London?


The distance of Reading from London is approximately 72.41 kilometres. You can travel to Reading from London by air, train or road. The duration of the journey will highly depend on the means of transport you use.
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It takes approximately two hours and fifteen to travel from London to Paris via Eurostar. Eurostar is a bullet train that will connect you to Paris from London St Pancras station
403 Miles or 648 Kilometers. 6 hours and 43 minute drive.
Do you need this in miles by car or time by train. On the train it took us about an hour (taking the train that stops at each stop) a direct line can get you there in a little over
Reading is in the county of Berkshire 38 miles from London. The fastest way to get there from London is by First Great Western train from London Paddington. There are about 6 trains
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The distance from London to reading in UK is 46.6km or 29 miles. If one was to drive from London to Reading at an average speed of 40mph, it would take roughly ...
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