How Far Is Saturn?


It is hard to tell exactly because the Earth and Saturn orbit around the sun. However, when both planets are on the same side of the sun, Saturn is approximately 744 million miles from Earth. When the two planets are at opposite distances from the sun, Saturn is approximately 1 billion miles away from Earth.
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Saturn orbits the sun once every 30 earth years. During the cycle Saturn can range between 1.2 billion km and 160 billion km at it most distant point.
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At its closest point, Saturn is 746 million miles away from the earth. That makes it 1.2 billion kilometers away. Also, Saturn is 840 million miles away from the sun.
15 minutes up the M25 from London.
Saturn is 1,321,416,800 kilometers from Earth.
Jupiter and Saturn have a minimum approach distance of 3.823 AU (571.9 million kilometers) when Jupiter is at heliocentric ecliptic longitude 124.21 degrees and Saturn is at heliocentric
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Determining how far Jupiter is from Saturn would depend where each planet is on its rotation around the sun. Each planet rotates at its own orbital speed. You ...
There are an estimated 3 million miles away from Saturn. Saturn is the closet neighbor to the planet Uranus. Uranus is an odd colored planet, it is a bluish green ...
The planet Saturn, with its rings made of dust and pieces of rock, is 882.3 million miles from the sun and 830.1 million miles from the Earth. ...
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