How far is Uranus from Earth?


The closest that planet Uranus can get to earth is about 2.57 billion km. This is when Uranus is at its closest point to Earth, the three objects are lined up with the Sun, Earth and Uranus. When earth and Uranus are located at opposite sides of the sun, the distance becomes 3.15 billion km.
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Because Uranus and Earth are both orbiting the Sun the distance between the two varies. The closest that Uranus gets to the Earth is 2.57 billion kilometers. 3.15 billion kilometers
The distance between Earth and Uranus is constantly changing, as is the distance between any two planets in our solar system. This is because all the planets are orbiting the Sun
Uranus to Earth is 2.57 billion km. But when Earth and Uranus are located on
2.72 Billion miles.
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The distance between Uranus and the Earth depends on where they are in their orbit. The closest they come to each other is 2.57 billion km. The farthest away they get is 3.15 billion km.
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Very, very far. The planet Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun and is 1.928 billion miles from Earth. Uranus was discovered in 1781 by an astronomer named ...
Uranus is so far away from the sun that it takes 84.3 Earth years for it to make one rotation around the sun. It also has an elliptical path around the sun like ...
Uranus is approximately 3 billion kilometers from the sun. ...
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