How far is Uranus from the Sun?


Uranus is approximately 3 billion kilometers from the sun.
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First of all, the distance between celestial bodies is calculated as mean distance. It is the mean or average distance between the nearest and farthest distance between two celestial
Uranus is 1.7 billion miles from the Sun.
Uranus' average distance is 1.78 billion miles from the sun, and takes 84 years to go around once!
69 trillion miles.
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Like most planets in the Solar System, Uranus has an elliptical orbit. When its at it's closest point, Uranus is 171 billion miles away from the sun. At it's furthest point, its 186 billion miles away. You can find more information here:
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Uranus has an average distance of 1,783,939,400 miles or 2,870,972,200 kilometres from the sun. At the closest point of its orbit, called perihelion, Uranus measures ...
The distance from Uranus to the sun depends on where it is in its orbit. It can be as close as 2.75 billion km, to as far away as 3.00 billion km. ...
Uranus is so far away from the sun that it takes 84.3 Earth years for it to make one rotation around the sun. It also has an elliptical path around the sun like ...
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