How Far Is USA from UK?


The United States of America is 4,243.965 miles or 6,830.000 kilometres from the United Kingdom. The area of USA is 9,631,418 sq km while that of the UK is 244,110 sq km.
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The distance between London, England, United Kingdom and New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, as the crow flies: 4626 miles (7444 km) (4020 nautical miles)
1. Verify with your parents that they have British citizenship. Citizenship by descent is only available to be passed down one generation. If either of your parents were born in Great
At least part of the answer is that prices in the US are quote without sales tax, whereas in the UK VAT is included; since this now stands at 20%, the difference is huge. It's also
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7,960 miles. ...
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