How Far Must You Park from a Driveway?


A driver cannot park in front of and block a driveway it is inconsiderate to do this. As far as laws on it some people say park 5 feet from someone's driveway but you cannot block a driveway or alley. You should park far enough back from driveway to not obstruct anyone going in or out of the driveway.
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Anything past the end of a driveway is public property, but it is not polite to park in front of someone's house, unless you are going to their home. If you are going to the neighbor's house, it is just polite to make sure you're inside their property line.
The regulations for how far you must park from a driveway are variable from locality to locality. It will also depend on the type of street and whether you are even able to park on the street in the first place. One of the more common answers is that the vehicle must be at least five feet from the driveway and that it must be conducive to the weather for the vehicle to be there in the first place.
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