How Far or How Many Hours Driving Is Austin Texas from Dallas Texas?


There is almost 3 1/2 hours involved when driving from Dallas, Texas, to Austin, Texas. From one place to the other, would cover a distance of 199 miles.
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how far is dallas from texas?
Austin, TX is about 196 miles from Dallas, TX. By car it
It is about 196 miles from Austin,Texas to Dallas,Texas. It is a 3 hour and 7 minute drive by car.
About two hundred miles. Just a little over 3 hours by car, if you don't hit a major traffic jam on I-35. Big "if" though. Source(s) I make this trip all the time.
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14 hours if you going at a speed limit...if you drive 80 -85 mph you can get there in 10 ...
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