How Far Should I Walk My Labrador Puppy?


The Labrador retriever is one of the many types of retrievers. It is a kind of gun dog characterised by webbed paws for swimming. There is no specified distance as to how long you should walk a Labrador puppy. You can walk the puppy until it tires but you should avoid running or jumping.
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While walking your Labrador puppy, remember that you shouldn’t force it to do much exercise until they are six months old. This is to avoid damage to its growing bones. You should also limit the amount of time to five minutes for each month of age and begin lead training in familiar surroundings.
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Many dogs are strong and willing when it comes to being outside. I would say time wise maybe about 20 minutes walking, maybe 15 running. number wise i would say, probably about 1/
Lab puppies need regular daily excercise. While lab puppies are active and energetic, and require daily exercise, they should not be walked on a lead until they are at least three
Your lad needs puppy socialisation classes. A lot of vets run these for puppies of this age and they are great for doing just what they suggest - socialising. Fun. Showing you how
Your puppy needs both socializing and training, so the best thing you can do is sign yourselves up for obedience classes. You'd have an instructor to teach you how to train and she'd
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