How Far Will a 22 Caliber Bullet Travel?


The bullet of 22 caliber can travel 1 to 2 miles but it will also depend on the trajectory, wind, humidity and bullet shape. At a good speed and right aim this bullet can also go through wood and a human's body. A 22 caliber bullet can travel more than 2 miles if the aim is good and trajectory.
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Unimpeded, a .22LR caliber bullet can travel up to 2000 yards. Its effective distance is, of course, much shorter than that.
It depends on the model, but for an example, the Winchester 22 LR (40
With accuracy: 150 yards Indirect fire: 1.5miles With a scope zeroed at 100 yards and shooting a target at 150 yards a .22LR cartridge will require a 10.8 inch hold over (aiming high
A .22 long rifle has a muzzle velocity of 1255 ft/s, a max range of 2000 yds(1.14 mi) & an impact velocity of 300 ft/s. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012
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A .22 caliber bullet will travel somewhere between 600 and 1,800 feet per second. The range may be as far as 6,000 yards. It depends on the weapon and the weight ...
A .22 rifle will shoot an estimated 1 mile or 1.5. The accuracy of the rifle diminishes after just 100 yards. The distance that the bullet will travel, will also ...
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