How Far Will a Shotgun Shell Travel?


The shotgun uses shells filled with pellets. A choke controls the shot string, which is what the pellets would look like, during firing. How far the pellets will travel depends on how tight the choke is; the tightest choke will cause pellets to travel about 40 yards, or 120 feet. Older models of shotguns had a fixed choke, but newer models use a screw-in choke system which enables hunters to choose a choke to match the type of game being hunted.
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A 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell will travel 40 to 60 yards with bird shot or
The shell never leaves the gun. On the other hand the #6 shot will reach to 80 yards but in my opinion its not effective past 60 yards.
In excess of 50 m.
1. Remove the spent primer, and resize the brass at the bottom of the shell. As with all stations, it is important to pull the handle of the reloader all the way down, or else it
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