How Fast Can a Dog Run?


Dogs of different sizes can run faster than other dogs. Smaller dogs with smaller legs, like chihuahua's, are slow runners. However, German Shepherds have been clocked at running up to speeds of 32 mph.
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How Fast Can Dogs Run?
Whether your canine companion is a slowpoke or a speed demon, at times you may have wondered, "How fast can a dog run?" Like humans, that depends on the dog.... More »
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It depends on the breed of the dog. Some dog's can run faster than others and some are slower than others. A greyhound can go as fast as 37.5 miles per hour.
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How fast a dog can run depends on the size and build of the dog. Certain breeds can run faster than others. The fastest being of course the greyhound. They can ...
A German Shepard dog is known to be fast and intelligent. These dogs can run upwards to 30 or more miles per hour. German Shepards are used by police as drug dogs ...
The speed that a dog can run would be determined by the breed. A greyhound can run 30 to 40 miles per hour but have been clocked as high as 45. Toy breeds can ...
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