How Fast Can a House Cat Run?


A domesticated cat can run at an average speed of 48 kilometres an hour. The cat's body is designed for speed and accuracy and these creatures have 517 muscles with 32 of these muscles used to control the ear.
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The average cat can run. 30 miles. an hour ( 48 km/hour.
Despite the variety of pedigreed fancy cats out there, all domestic cats are members of the same species. On average, they can run at speeds approaching 30 mph, though only in sprints
The average house-cat can run 30 miles per hour because of their anatomy, which is designed for
The average cat can run 30 miles an hour (48 km/hour) Cat anatomy is designed for speed and accuracy. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 08:42AM EST. Source
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The average house cat can run up to 30 miles per hour! A cat's body is designed for speed and accuracy. Cats are one of the few animals that have flat faces, which hel them to be so accurate when doing things. You can find more information here:
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