How Fast Can a Mustang Horse Run?


A mustang horse can run at a speed of about 42 miles per hour. They are also known as wild horses. They originated in North America. It is a horse that moves freely in the wild.
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normal race horses can go up to like 60 kph.
A Mustang horse's speed varies with their stride length, body build, and other
Features Horses are hoofed mammals that are anatomically designed for speed. Thoroughbreds and quarter horses are two types that are specifically bred for speed. Thoroughbreds are
The American Quarter Horse, the world's fastest horse, can sprint at up to 55 MPH. That's faaaaaaast!
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A mustang horse, often referred to as wild horse, is a free roaming stallion, native to North America. They are mostly used in horse racing where the average speed a mustang horse can run is 64 to 72 kilometres per hour.
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