How Fast Can a Rabbit Run?


Rabbits, a type of lagomorph in the Leporidae family, are well-known to be fast sprinters and powerful jumpers, with bodies designed to respond quickly to danger. The average rabbit can run up to 72 kilometres per hour, depending on the type, breed and general health of the animal.
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Rabbits are prey animals, and their bodies have evolved to move quickly over short distances to avoid predators. Aside from man, in the wild they are hunted primarily by foxes, birds
Depends what kind of rabbit it is if its wild they will run quite fast i knw dis cuz i have 5 rabbits 4 wild well one of dem is a lionhead but lop ears are happy bunnies but mine
Rabbits can run up to 25mph. ChaCha again soon!
1 Get a running buddy . It is highly recommended this be carried out with someone who runs about the same speed as yourself if possible. Training alone is not discouraged but training
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A rabbit can run between 25 and 45 miles per hour. Rabbits are capable of running at high speeds because they have very large hind legs that are very powerful.
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