How Fast Can a Snail Move?


Snails move very slowly, by sliding on a single foot. They move at an estimated 0. 03 miles per hour, and they can only crawl. There are over 60,000 species. You can find more information here:
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The top speed of an average garden snail is only about 0.03 miles per hour which works out to about 3 feet per minute. If you decide to get in a race with a snail, you may want to
a snail can move about 0.1 miles an hour snails diet manley consist's of cabbage which may be the main corse of the high speed life style. max newman was here hamish brown was here
Many snails move at a speed of less than 3 in (8 cm) per minute. This means that if a snail did not stop to rest or eat, it could travel 16 ft (4.8 m) per hour. Previous question:
The Garden snail has a top speed of 0.03 mph, which is the equivalent of 0.013
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A snail moves by contracting it's body at approximately 1millimeter per second or 60 millimeters every minute for a grand total of 60mm or 2.6 inches per minute ...
A Snail crawls at a pace of about 0.013 m/s, but this varies with the type of snails. There are about 60000 species of molluscs (snails) and they move by sliding ...
The snails move in a gliding moving way, powered by contracting many muscles. As it contract its muscles slime is produced, which allows the snail to glide on ...
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