How Fast Can a Wild Turkey Run?


As fast as it can, the wild turkey can run up to a speed of 25 minutes per hour, and can fly up to 55 minutes per hour. To read more visit
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Domestic turkeys only waddle due to larger breast as a result of the domestication process. Wild turkeys have been recorded as being able to run approximately 20-25 mph. I'd hate
Turkeys run more often than they fly. For short sprints they can dash up to 18 miles
I don't know exactly, but I've almost hit dozens of them and they seem to get out of the way of my car every time. It is estimated that they can reach a top speed of 25 mph.
From Wikipedia - iki/Cam. Camels can run at speeds up to 65 km/h (18 m/s; 40 mph) in short sprints and they can maintain a speed of 40km/h (11 m/s; 25 mph
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A wild turkey can run fifteen miles per hour. That doesn't seem very fast, but when your trying to hunt one down fifteen miles per hour is a lot faster than you think.
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Amazingly, a wild turkey is capable of running up to 25 mph. They can fly for short distances often reaching a speed of 55 mph. You wouldn't think this bulky ...
Wild turkeys can run and fly very fast and they are known to reach speeds of 55mph when flying and 25mph when running. Wild turkeys almost became extinct in the ...
Domestic turkeys do not fly because they are so heavy, but wild turkey cans. Apparently, wild turkeys do not fly fast or high enough but they have to since they ...
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