How Fast Can an Alligator Run?


An alligator can run as fast as thirty miles an hour, but it can only do this for a few yards, or so. The fact that they can run this fast, makes them very deadly, to any prey. You can find more information here: http://www. floridaadventuring. com/florida-alligator. html
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After a alligator builds up as much energy as they can run for about a 30-40 yard distance at about 30 miles an hour. But after they use they energy up they will basically seem dead
Alligatorsd have been clocked at 35 MPH - faster than a human can run. The don't run
Small alligators can run short distances at 25mph, but larger ones peak at 7mph. Don't tempt them!
Pretty fast fun fact in order to make an alligator stop chasing you hust run in a zig zag and they get confused and just stop.
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