How fast can bears run?


Bears have been clocked running as fast as 30 miles per hour. In winter, though, the heavy coat and extra weight slows them down somewhat.

Bears do not need flat ground when they run. They are able to sprint uphill and downhill, as well. Bears run well on a variety of surfaces, such as pavement, dirt or grass. The animals sprint quickly, but they also have staying power. They are capable of maintaining a constant fast speed for at least 2 miles. Even over this distance, a bear matches the rate of a horse. Yearling cubs run as fast as adult bears.

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Black bears are the smallest of American species, less physically impressive than grizzly or Kodiak bears and much less dangerous than polar bears. However, they still range over
The fastest bear is the Black Bear, followed by the Brown Bear, and the Polar Bear. In short, the larger the bear the slower it is. Keep in mind that even the slowest bear can still
Faster than you ;) Bears are closely related, throughout Europe and America, when you exclude outgroups like panda 'bears' or spectacled sun bears, etc. That being said, Black, Brown
The fastest bear is the Black Bear, followed by the Grizzly, then the Brown and the Polar
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A bear is a lot faster than it looks. A Black Bear can run up to thirty five miles per hour. That is as fast as a horse. They can only run at that speed for a ...
Panda bears are also known as Giant Bears. These bears can run rather slow because of their size and weight. They can run approximately 15 to 20 miles per hour. ...
Brown bears have been clocked at about 40 miles per hour, but they are not the fastest bear out there. The fastest bear is the black bear, followed by the grizzley ...
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