How Fast Can Elephants Run?


Elephants run at the average speed of 15 mph. Technically they do not run though. They actually walk very fast. If they are really angry though, they can charge at a speed of 25 mph, but this is only in rare cases.
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Animals often change the pattern of their footfalls as they speed up. Elephants are different - they maintain a continuous increas.
Hi there! Elephants can run 24mph for short distances. Fun fact: African
I've clocked them going at least 20 mph while trying to catch naughty cattle that get out of the fence with our ATV. Despite how stupidly clumsy they look with their udders and huge
The top speed of an elephant at full run is 25 mph (40.25 kmph). If it could maintain this speed for a full 10 minutes - which is not possible - an elephant can run up to 4.17 miles
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