How Fast Do Dogs Run?


The speed that a dog can run would be determined by the breed. A greyhound can run 30 to 40 miles per hour but have been clocked as high as 45. Toy breeds can run 5 to 10 miles per hours but only for short distances.
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On average dogs run at about twenty miles per hour. The fastest dogs are greyhounds and they run at some forty miles per hour. Dogs run pretty fast.
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The fastest dog can reach speeds of 45 miles per hour! The mighty Greyhound has been raced in the United States since the early 1920's and racing in the United Kingdom begin in 1936
Dogs accompanied humans to the New World at least 15,000 years ago over the Bering Strait. They have been used as pack animals and harnessed as sled dogs for thousands of years by
Most dog breed can run from 15 to 30 miles an hour.
The Cape Hunting Dog can run 45 miles per hour while a greyhound runs 39.35 miles per hour.
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The Greyhound Dog can run at a speed of 39 mph (62.7 km/h). The advantage that this breed has over other dogs is its light but muscular build, a larger than normal ...
How fast a dog can run depends on the size and build of the dog. Certain breeds can run faster than others. The fastest being of course the greyhound. They can ...
Dogs of different sizes can run faster than other dogs. Smaller dogs with smaller legs, like chihuahua's, are slow runners. However, German Shepherds have been ...
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