How Fast Do Dogs Run?


The speed that a dog can run would be determined by the breed. A greyhound can run 30 to 40 miles per hour but have been clocked as high as 45. Toy breeds can run 5 to 10 miles per hours but only for short distances.
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On average dogs run at about twenty miles per hour. The fastest dogs are greyhounds and they run at some forty miles per hour. Dogs run pretty fast.
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A German Shepard dog is known to be fast and intelligent. These dogs can run upwards to 30 or more miles per hour. German Shepards are used by police as drug dogs ...
The Italian greyhound is a dog breed known for its slender build and speed. They are some of the fastest dogs and can run at about 40 mph. They are an active breed ...
Cats can run 30 miles an hour. They can run faster than dogs but dogs can run for longer periods of time. Cats generally sprint for short distances. ...
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