How Fast Do Human Beings Walk?


Human beings, on average, walk around 3 miles per hour. This is a steady pace. A human can run, on average, 6-7 miles per hour.
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"They" say that the average speed most humans walk would be about 4 miles per hour. Now, a brisk walker can do about 7 miles per hour.
There isn't a real average since age and health has a lot to do with your
Depends on how quickly the human in question puts one foot in front of the other
The fastest human has been recorded to run a record of 23 mph and the man who holds the record is Usain Bolt Source(s):
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A normal human being walks on an average speed of 4 kilometres per hour. Walking speed changes with age, the weight of a person and the surface being walked on ...
The average human can walk at least three miles per hour. That is equivalent to walking 120 steps per minute. People in Africa who don't have vehicles walk or ...
A fast walking pace refers to a walking speed that is above the normal. On average, this refers to a speed of 5.6 kilometres per hour. However, different individuals ...
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