How Fast Do Tectonic Plates Move?


Tectonic plates are not stationary. Many, however, wonder how fast do tectonic plates move. During an earthquake, plates move several meters. However, the usual movement is 0 to 100 mm per year.
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Plate movements occur because the layer of Earth directly below the lithosphere, the asthenosphere, is hot enough, and under enough lithostatic pressure to prevent its melting, that
The Earth is made up of a thin crust of cool hardened rock that floats on a huge ball of of molten to semi-molten rock. This crust is broken up into multiple large parts called tectonic
When the continents moved they changed the way land and sea were placed on earths surface. If the continents moved towards the equator they received more energy from the sun and developed
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There are many theories on how fast tectonic plates move. However, most associate the rate at which these move to that of a fingernail. A fingernail grows about 1. 4 inches a month.
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