How Fast Do Tectonic Plates Move?


Tectonic plates are not stationary. Many, however, wonder how fast do tectonic plates move. During an earthquake, plates move several meters. However, the usual movement is 0 to 100 mm per year.
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There are many theories on how fast tectonic plates move. However, most associate the rate at which these move to that of a fingernail. A fingernail grows about 1. 4 inches a month.
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The movement of tectonic plates is caused by the flow of magma beneath the earth's crust's surface. The movement may result in formation of valleys or eruptions ...
Tectonic plates are able to move due to the earth's lithosphere having a higher strength and lower density. The major plates are consisted of the seven continents ...
Tectonic plates move because mantle rocks near the radioactive core are heated and the warmer rocks rise while the cooler rocks sink creating slow, vertical currents ...
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