How fast does a 270 bullet travel?


The speed a 270 bullet travels at depends on the type of gun and who makes the bullet. They range depending on wind speed, elevation, and humidity too. You can usually get over 2500 feet per second. For more information check out: .
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Depends on the bullet, the cartridge and the weapon that fired it, see related link. Some examples: BB (air) gun: 100 m/s 9 mm pistol: 340 m/s 5.56 mm assault gun: 920 m/s Weapons
The muzzle velocity of a bullet depends on the gun and the ammunition, but can be
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A .50 magnum has a muzzle velocity of about 1480 feet per second. The time for a .50 caliber bullet to travel one mile is around four seconds. report this answer. Updated on Thursday
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