How Fast Does a 270 Bullet Travel?


The speed a 270 bullet travels at depends on the type of gun and who makes the bullet. They range depending on wind speed, elevation, and humidity too. You can usually get over 2500 feet per second. For more information check out: .
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The 270 Winchester bullet speed is 3100 feet per second. That makes it
2-4 miles, depending on the cartridge. That is not the effective range, but the maximum.
That depends on the powder load of each of the calibers of rifles. You can get that information for your particular rifle by asking for the velocity. Bullet size, also effects velocity
Everyone knows that Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, but how fast does a speeding bullet travel? Speeds fluctuate and depend upon several factors. Gravity makes a projectile
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The grain of a bullet is the feature that determines how fast a bullet travels. If a bullet has less 'grain'' it will be lighter and travel faster but with less ...
A .50 caliber bullet can travel at different speeds depending upon its makeup and the gun being useed. On average it can go from 2,860 feet per seconds to 3,020 ...
The grain is the weight of the bullet. It determines how fast the bullet will travel as well. Lower grain will travel faster when shot but also has less weight ...
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