How Fast Does a 49cc Scooter Go?


A 49cc scooter will go an average of approximately 30 miles per hour. When riding the scooter, make sure to wear proper headgear if needed in your state. Scooter Depot had several 49 cc scooters for sale in December of 2012.
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This depends on what bike you are talking. On average, a 49 cc bike will do about 30-35 mph. But some super preformance bikes like the Honda NSR 50 will easily go over 60 mph. But
Either one can go fast enough to get you in trouble, or get you hurt if you fall off. If you don't know the difference, you're not ready for either one.
It all depends on the type of plane. Smaller, single engine planes go about 120 mph and the larger commercial airplanes travel about 600 to 700 MPH. Some commercial and military jets
The Vectrix Super Fast Electric Scooter has a top speed of 62mph,
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