How Fast Does a 49cc Scooter Go?


A 49cc scooter will go an average of approximately 30 miles per hour. When riding the scooter, make sure to wear proper headgear if needed in your state. Scooter Depot had several 49 cc scooters for sale in December of 2012.
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This depents on the exhaust, trasmission, wheel size and weight of passenger. Some can go as fast as 55 MPH. )ther only go around 20 MPH.
The average speed of a 4-stroke non-modified scooter is between 40-45mph. at 80-100 miles per gallon! report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 06:28PM EST. Source
One of the faster 50cc scooters is the Kymco Super 9. There are a lot of after market parts available for this bike that can get it going 70+MPH no sweat. Yes, you read that correctly
A 49cc Moped can reach speeds of 37 miles per
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