How Fast Does a 9mm Bullet Travel?


A 9mm bullet is often used in weapons like pistols. One of these types of bullets can travel around 1000 feet per second. This really depends on the type of cartridge and barrel of the gun.
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between approximately 1000 feet per second and 1500 fps, depending on the cartridge specification and the barrel length of the gun.
Most 9mm rounds exit the muzzle at around 1100 to 1300 feet per
Ron is only partially correct about the cartridge being the speed determining factor. Things such as barrel length, rifling, and the bullet type and load (controlled by the manufacturer
With a Browning HI-Powered 9mm hand gun, the round would travel at 790mph from the muzzle. its distance travelled depends on the angle of the pistol. report this answer. Updated on
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The grain of a bullet is the feature that determines how fast a bullet travels. If a bullet has less 'grain'' it will be lighter and travel faster but with less ...
A .50 caliber bullet can travel at different speeds depending upon its makeup and the gun being useed. On average it can go from 2,860 feet per seconds to 3,020 ...
The grain is the weight of the bullet. It determines how fast the bullet will travel as well. Lower grain will travel faster when shot but also has less weight ...
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