How Fast Does a Baseball Bat Swing?


Baseball bat swing speed can vary depending on the upper body strength of the person who swings it, and how much force they decide to put into it. Weight can also be a key factor, and as a result, so can the material it's made out of. The average range is anywhere from 60-100 miles per hour.
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1. If you're left handed, do all of these steps in reverse. Put your right hand over your left when you hold on to the bat. Ad. 2. Bring it up over your right shoulder, and bend your
1. Wait for the pitcher to get set and begin his windup. 2. Choose the direction you want to hit immediately after the pitch leaves the pitcher's hand. Press "W" to hit
It varies from player to player. Each player chooses the size and weight of his bat. Some players prefer a heavier bat with a thicker barrel. Some players prefer a thinner, lighter
About 0.04 seconds before the bat hits the ball, the bat speed reaches about
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