How Fast Does a Colorado Blue Spruce Grow?


The Colorado Blue Spruce is an American evergreen tree that has a slow-medium growth rate. It averages 12' of growth per year. Conditions, such as water, weather, and transplanting, will greatly effect how quickly the Colorado Blue Spruce will grow.
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The Colorado blue spruce is considered a slow-growing tree, according to the University of Florida. It grows an average of 12 inches per year, once established. The tree may grow
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The Colorado Blue Spruce grows to a height between 50 to 75 ft. with a
colorado blue spruce: tall spruce with blue-green needles and dense conic crown
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The Colorado blue spruce is known to grow about six to twelve inches in a year. This tree is common to most of the northern areas of the United States. It is sometimes ...
A Colorado Blue Spruce is a type of tree. It resembles a pine tree. To fertilize a Blue Spruce, you should use measure the height of the tree first, to determine ...
The growth rate of a Colorado blue spruce is noted to be slow to medium. The tree is considered mature at 50 to 75 feet tall. ...
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