How Fast Does a Jumbo Jet Fly?


A jumbo jet, commonly referred to as 747-400 jet typically takes off at a speed of between 290 km/h (180mph) and cruises at a speed of 910 km/h (565 mph). The jumbo jet can carry more than 240,370 L of fuel making it possible to fly long routes, such as Melbourne to Los Angeles.
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It's free if you are the pilot. However it takes a lot of training.
Airspeed, how fast a plane is actually flying, is not the same thing as True Airspeed. True Airspeed is how fast the plane could fly if wind were not a factor. Since its debut in
This Boeing 747, commonly called a jumbo jet has four jet engines that propel it at
A plane flies at between 500 and 600 miles an hour. Military aircraft goes faster and charter planes slower, but the speed is also affected by the tail wind, hence your plane may
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The average cruising flight speed for commercial jets is around 540 mph. This is based on the most popular commercial jets in operation, the Boeing 747 family.Some ...
Aeroplane speed varies on different aeroplanes. A Boeing 747 Aeroplane which is also known as a Jumbo jet can fly at a speed of 885 kilometres per hour. The 747 ...
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