How Fast Does a Plane Go?


Speeds of an aeroplane depend on the type of plane. Small, one-engine propeller planes (reciprocating engines) fly at speeds of 80 to 200 mph (130 to 320 km/hr). Jet airliners at cruising altitude average around 500 to 600 mph (800 to 960 km/hr). Military turboprops cruise at 350 mph (560 km/hr) and jet fighters routine exceed the speed of sound (768 mph or 1235 km/hr at sea level).
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depends on type, model, and other stuff
At or near the speed of sound (about mach 0.8–1.2). Cha Cha!
Depends on how you define "commercial". Two seat Cessna 152 used by a flight school for instruction is technically "commercial" and its landing speed is around
The "speed" of a plane is actually a complex concept. A plane's air speed is probably the measurement that most closely approximates its "speed, as that word is commonly
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Jetliners normally cruise at about 35,000 feet at speeds over 500 miles per hour.
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